Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MAC & Hello Kitty : A Marriage Made in Heaven

About a week ago, MAC debuted its Hello Kitty line of makeup. I happened to be at Macy's because I desperately needed some new lip gloss. I love MAC lip glosses because they are long-wearing. The one I usually buy is called Lip Glass, and there are two different colors that I tend to favor.

I walked in and asked for some assistance with the new Hello Kitty products. Not only did I want a new lip gloss, but I also wanted some sort of lip care product. My lips can get extremely dry, and the only thing that really helps is Carmex.

The great thing about Carmex is that it's really cheap and easy to find, but I hate that it tastes like medicine! But, I've put up with it because it's the only thing that really works for me.

Since I've tried many different lip care products, I was a bit skeptical to try something new. I've just been disappointed way too many times. The guy at the MAC counter -- yes, it was a GUY -- suggested the MAC Lip Conditioner. There were a few things I liked about it already: 1) It was included in the new Hello Kitty line which meant CUTE Hello Kitty packaging and 2) It smelled like vanilla. I absolutely *heart* lip products that smell good and/or taste good. YUM-O !!!

I took it home and tried it right away. The results ??? Fabulously soft lips! I put some on right before bed and also before leaving the house for work. The product is slightly thick, but I like that because it makes me feel like it's there working and hasn't worn off too quickly. I don't feel that it's too heavy on my lips at all. The sweet scent and taste are added bonuses. I noticed a difference in my lips within a day of using this product.

I would definitely recommend this product and plan to keep using it. In fact, it's a must-have in my purse!!! If you suffer from really dry lips, you may want to check out this product. The cost was around $14, I THINK. If you're a girly-girl like me, you will love having this in your makeup bag.

*** As a final note, I should mention the importance of drinking lots of water as chapped lips can often be a sign of dehydration. So, please keep that in mind as well!