Saturday, May 9, 2009

Exhausted !!!

BLAHHHH !!! Another week has gone by and I am simply EXHAUSTED !!!! I was at the office super late a few nights this week, so I wasn't really able to get some scrapbooking done. All together now : "AWWWWWWWW............" I know -- poor me! LOL!!! Well, I did at least finish a 2-pg 8 x 8 layout using the Lime Rickey papers by BasicGrey. SO HAPPY to be done with it. I'll post pics this weekend! I had really wanted to work on a bunch of stuff but just did not have the time! Hopefully, I can catch up this weekend.

Just had to share a pic I took with my iPhone of this cute lil doggy soaking in the fountain on a hot afternoon earlier this week. I love the way he's sitting there as if he BELONGS there ... like, "What? You got a problem with me sitting here?" or, "Maybe if I sit REAL still, no one will notice me here IN the fountain!" LMAO!!!

Okay, so I didn't do as much scrapbooking, but I did bake a key lime pie. Mikayla requested that I make one for her. She absolutely loves it. I followed the recipe on the bottle of key lime juice that I got in the Betty Swap.

One 9" graham cracker pie shell
one 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup Nelie & Joe's Key West Lime Juice

Combine milk, egg yolks and lime juice. Blend until smooth. Pour filling into pie shell and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. I actually baked it much longer than that because my oven is kinda messed up and it usually have to bake things for longer than the recipe calls for. I just kinda eye it. (I know -- I gots skilllzzz...heh heh...). Allow to stand ten minutes before refrigerating. Just before serving, top with freshly whipped cream and garnish with lime slices. I was lazy and bought some some Reddi-Whip in the can rather than making my own whipped cream.

It's a super easy recipe that yields fantastic results -- if you like key lime pie, that is. I made a pie for an Easter gathering, and everyone just loved it and asked for more. I don't think you can find the juice locally, but you can order online from

Here's a pic of the finished product. Not sure why the consistency turned out the way it did this time, but it still tasted just fine!!!

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