Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy National Scrapbooking Day !!!

Okay, so I'm a little late -- SORRY. I meant to post earlier today but got busy doing the usual weekend stuff. May 2nd was National Scrapbooking Day! Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to indulge in much scrapbooking goodness today.

I slept in -- pretty late, I might add. Last week was a crazy week, and I desperately needed some sleep!!!

Today, Mikayla and I went to the scrapbook store because she wanted to pick up some Prima flowers that she had been eyeing. They were on sale, so she got those along with some glittery ribbon. The only thing I got was a few sheets of BasicGrey pp. I'm trying to watch what I spend because I have a few things I want to get in the next few weeks. While there, we entered a drawing for a gift basket of sb supplies. *crosses fingers* We also got a free kit with supplies to make a card and a Post-It note holder! How nice!

As we were leaving, we ran into the Twilight car yet again! Actually, this was the SECOND time I ran into it this week. I saw it at the post office the other day. I joked with Mikayla that maybe the owner is a scrapbooker and she's always at the post office to mail off swaps! ~LOL~ Gosh, I hope she doesn't think we're stalking her! ~LOL~ Anywho, I took a picture with my iPhone that day to show Mikayla.

This evening, my boss called to tell me that Danny Gans died! He is the Las Vegas headliner known as "The Man of a 1,000 Voices". Cause of death is unknown. I was so sad when I heard the news. I've always wanted to see him perform, but his shows were either sold out or he wasn't perfoming the last few times I was in LV. Now, I will never ever be able to see him perform. So sad... R.I.P. Danny Gans


Kyoko said...

Whoa, I've never seen that car around ... nice! I know, isn't it sad about Danny Gans, he was so young and full of life. Have a great week at work!

Denise said...

Hey Dena,
It was nice talking to you the other night, I was glad I got to show you a few things. Enjoyed your visit.