Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mugs & Mags Swap

I'm in a private swap group that was recently formed. The group consists of a bunch of ladies who all like to scrapbook. The ladies are all uber talented. I feel like the least talented of the bunch, but I am excited to be included in this group as I know that working with them will push my creativity to new limits!

One of the swaps we're doing is a monthly partner swap. This swap doesn't involve any actual scrapbooking. All that is required is that you put a package together for your assigned pal following the theme for that month. The theme for January 1st was "Mugs & Mags".

With this theme, we were to include a coffee mug, a magazine the person likes (we filled out surveys) and some other goodies that the person would enjoy. The idea was for the recipient to use the items to unwind after the holidays. What a neat idea!

Here is my goody package from my pal. Items include: Shape magazine, purple coffee mug, some flowers for scrapbooking, lip gloss (YUM!), peppermint sticks, a cannister of Suisse Mocha and large bag of peanut M & M's (it's T's fault that I got addicted to these).

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