Sunday, April 26, 2009

Which Team Are You On ??? (More Twilight Mania)

So, Mikayla is a Twilight fanatic. For Easter, she wanted a Twilight t-shirt along with some Twilight candy and pins that Borders was selling. Now, as a Christian, I felt a little weird giving her vampire-related items for a religious holiday, but that's just me. I'm not saying I'm some holy roller or anything like that. I'm definitely not. I'm just ... you know...saying (that it was weird...LOL). I did cave in and get her the items she wanted and wrapped them along with some candy in a cute Easter basket. I just figured ... eh, God will understand that it's just about a movie and not that we're like... worshipping blood-suckers, right???

Anywho, the child is absolutely in love with the movie "Twilight" and the character, Edward Cullen. Mikayla is definitely all for TEAM EDWARD. Don't ever ask her about Jacob because -- GASP!!! -- Jacob is a WEREWOLF, don't cha know?!?!? Therefore, Jacob is the ENEMY!!! *rolls eyes* This means, you must NOT buy the child anything with JACOB (GASPPP!!!) on it unless you want to risk the wrath of a pubescent, lovesick teenager. *SIGH*

A few weeks ago, we were at the post office and, as I drove out of the parking lot, I spotted a black car in front of me decked out with the Twilight logo and several of the famous quotes from the movie!!! Mikayla was so excited and wanted to take pictures with her cell phone, but the car was driving off.

The following week, we were at the post office again and, as luck would have it, the Twilight car was there! I don't remember why, but we didn't take pictures of it. Funny that we ran into it twice, though.

Then, last weekend, we were babysitting my nephew, David. He loves Panda Express, so we went there for lunch. As we walked out, I spotted the Twilight car in the parking lot !!!! The lady who owns it was in the driver's seat talking on her cell phone.

Mikayla really wanted to take some pictures of the car this time and talk to the lady who owns the car. So, I went off to grab a few things from the store across the parking lot while she waited. After waiting for a while, the lady got out of the car to grab some lunch from Panda. She knew Mikayla was waiting to take pictures and, she was kind enough to take the time to talk to her. She was very appreciative of the fact that Mikayla was polite enough to ask before taking pictures.

She explained that she loved the movie so much that she paid someone to add the logo and quotes to her car. She even uses Twilight t-shirts for her seat covers (EDWARD, OF COURSE). As to be expected, she gets a LOT of attention and people are always taking pictures of her car. She asked that Mikayla not take any pictures of her license plate, though. These pics aren't the best because they were taken with Mikayla's cell phone. I just wish we had a picture of the entire vehicle, but hopefully, we'll run into the car again soon!

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Lynnette said...

Loving it! I want to do that with my car now. LOL BUT, with pictures too! That would be the day.