Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, it's January 2nd, and I already feel like I'm SO FAR BEHIND! I've gotten a ton of calls at work from old clients, and I just can't keep up! It's a good problem to have though, and I certainly can use all the business I can get!

Mikayla and I spent New Year's eve indoors. I prefer staying home on New Year's eve just because I don't like being out on the roads with all the people drinking and driving. The smoke here from all the illegal fireworks gets to be a pain also.

Earlier in the evening, I had a chance to chat with T on Yahoo for about an hour. That was really nice! I can't believe he'll be home SOON! Mikayla and I went to the grocery store after to get a few things. Then, we returned home and settled in for the night!

We had a relaxing evening just watching DVD's: Meet Dave and Eagle Eye. We were really pleased to find that we enjoyed both movies equally. Meet Dave was pretty funny. ("You're name is Dave Ming Chang?" ~LOL~)Shia LaBeouf did a great job in Eagle Eye. I enjoyed watching him on the Disney channel; and I really enjoy his movies. I think the boy is going to go far with his acting career!

At midnight, Mikayla and I watched the fireworks that we could see from my bedroom balcony. There sure was a lot of smoke !!! After the festivities died down, we returned to watching movies. It was a nice chill evening for the both of us! Happy new year, everyone !!!

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